Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Goals

The first month of the year is officially over! I can't believe it has been a month since I started blogging again. If you read one of my first posts in January, you know that every month I'm setting myself goals. Last month I set myself 5 goals, you can see how well I did in my last post. Here are the goals for the month of February.

1. Be more active on Pinterest. Lately I've noticed that the majority of my readers come from either Pinterest or Instagram. Last month I dedicated time to Instagram, this month I want to dedicate some time to understand and be more active on Pinterest. ( You can follow my boards here to see how I'm doing.)

2. Stick to my study schedule. Before starting the semester I made a study schedule. Since I spend a lot of time in my university most of the time I study in the library. I've been having a hard time following my schedule because of all the distractions that I encounter every day at Uni.

3. Read 10 pages a day. If you read my January recap you will know why I have decided to read ten pages a day instead of a book this month.

4. Decrease my intake of sugar. Instead of spending money and buying sweets at Uni to snack, I want to start eating more fruits this month.

5. Dedicate more time to my fashion design classes. If you have read my about page you know that I study chemistry but I'm also taking some fashion design courses. Because for me it's harder to memorize and understand scientific information than designing, I don't dedicate as much time to fashion design as I would like to.

Those are my 5 goals for the month of February. Let me know what are your goals for this month. Don't forget to come back at the end of the month to see how I did with these goals, also I post every Sunday and Wednesday!

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  1. I wish you can conquer all of this things, and that february it's an amazing month! Good luck with the study :)

  2. 2017 is going by so fast already ah, I've restarted my whole pinterest in attempt to help grow my blog and I'm loving the platform so far! Good luck with everything :)


  3. Good luck in achieving all of your goals this month! I like your idea of reading 10 pages a day, I sure can do with a goal like that :) x

    1. Thanks and yes, reading 10 pages a day its an easier task to accomplish.

  4. I relate to the study schedule one! It can be hard to get into the groove of things again after Christmas. Good luck with your studies!


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