Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Recap | Life Updates and Exiting News

February is almost over, so I thought it was time to do a month recap and let you guys into some of my secrets. First, lets start with how I did with my February Goals. 

February Goals Recap 

1. Be more active on Pinterest. I'm proud to say that I accomplished this goal! In fact, I became obsessed with Pinterest. If you don't follow me on Pinterest you definitely should I share some interesting things on there. Follow me here.
2. Stick to my study schedule. I did stick to my study schedule, but this last days of February had been intense for me. In fact, after I'm done with this post I'll be sticking my head in a book for the rest of the day.  
3. Read ten pages a day. I definitely read 10 pages a day, but they were not willingly. Most of the things I read were for college. I still need to work on reading more. 
4. Decrease my intake in sugar. I failed terrible at this. In my defense, February is the worst month to cut sugar out of your diet. 
5. Dedicate more time to my fashion design classes. This I did. I've learned so much in the past month, I really enjoy sewing. 

Now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to share exiting news. I've been working on a project for my blog (which I will talk about at the end of March) and I'm really exited about it, but for me to get things done I will have to dedicate time and effort. Because of this, I decided that I will be blogging once a week. Every Sunday a blog post will be up. If you want more content from me you can follow me on Instagram, I will be active there. I usually share unboxing videos and what I'm up to on Instagram. Also, I will be giving hints on what the project is about on Instagram, so don't forget to follow me here



  1. 4/ out of 5 isn't bad. Sugar is a hard addiction to kick, so maybe in small portions. Only get of certain items and work your way up?

    Best of luck with your studies.


  2. I became obsessed with Pinterest as well - I'm also happy to report that it drives traffic to my blog!
    Ela |

    1. Pinterest is amazing! Thanks for stopping by Ela.


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